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  Sambhavna Program was started under Omaxe foundation its prime objective is special care for the children of labor group regarding education and health. Its aim was to employer the children of labor class to provide them better environment for their better future with the help of day care centre.

In our society it is necessary for a person to be developed socially, financially, spiritually and morally but not all people in the society can educate their children because mostly people belong poverty line in India. Who don’t have enough money that they can afford complete education and diet labor belong to that class of our society who help us to turn our dreams into reality but they themselves are helpless in difficult the requirement of their children hence their children have no hope. So they start working in very early age. Their hands hold tools where it should be pen.

In this way a person or a child in the society not develop their personality of self and it is very essential that every child should get complete education for a well organized and well sheltered society that why create the project “Sambhavna” labor class people children are provided with education at the work site or construction area through education centre where while parents are at work whole day and their children are given complete education and they are also provided with meals also at education centre.
Sambhavna project has been started in our Faridabad and Luck now sites at least 160 children of Faridabad and 140 children in luck now are provided mandatory education at free of coast.

Different types are facilities provided by Omaxe foundation to children are following :-

1. Education
We provide three type of education classes in work site or construction are following :

EducationKilkari : This is for children’s between 6 months to 3 years.

Masoom : For children between 4 yrs to 7 yrs.

Badhte Kadam : For children 8yrs to 14 yrs.

For different category of children different facilities are provided. For example “Kilkari” category children are look after where as masoom group children are provided with balwadi and aanganwadi for education and sports activity for badhte kadam group.

Children’s are provided with primary education, sports and personality development so that all the doors of opportunity should be open to them.

2. Nutrition
NutritionChildren are provided meals thrice a day.Children is given with nutritious tasty meals and full of variety. These meals are specially prepared. This is for child physically and mentally development.

3. Health
HealthAt all the centre of the omaxe foundation free health checkup and free treatment facilities are provided to child and women of labor class along with education. These vaccination health test and medical advice.

From time to time health camp are organized in which private doctor give people advices about different types of disease like malaria, chicken guinea etc. On this way they create awareness program for health and other related subject in conductive which include education and health awareness.

Art CraftTo prepare for children complete mentally, morally and physically development they are taught several cultural and artistic activities. Artistic activities as to make new and useful articles from old and wastage material like making of rakhi paper bags, jewelries, sewing cutting etc.

Cultural training is provided by drama, poetry, dance and cultural program are also organized in day care centre. Children are given opportunity to participate in these cultural programs and their personality development.

SportsSports are very essential for physical and mental development. To develop the sports activity in children Omaxe foundation opens the day care centre to encourage sports activity in children’s. Children are encourage to play game like kabbaddi, kho-kho etc.

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